Peel Clothworkers' School

'Enjoyable Learning for Life'

Our Staff consists of:

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mrs A Jackson
Deputy Headteacher Mrs T Quayle
Assistant Headteacher A Wheeler
TLR-2C Mrs S Kneen

Teaching Staff

Reception Mrs D Atherton (Foundation Stage and KS1 Coordinator)
Reception Miss A Willoughby
Year 1 Mr C Hill
Year 1 A Wheeler
Year 2 Mr N Evans
Year 2 Miss C-L Lace
Year 2 Miss R Moore
Year 3 Miss A Whiteway
Year 3 Miss I Halsall
Year 3 Mrs T Quayle/Mrs M Whitemore
Year 4 Mr W Kinvig
Year 4 Miss L Garrett
Year 4 Mrs N Fairburn
Year 5 Miss N Davies
Year 5 Mrs D Buchan/Mrs S Gray
Year 5 Mr E Molyneux/Mrs S Kneen
Year 6 Mrs J Egelnick/Miss L Jacobs
Year 6 Mr I Astill
Year 6 Mr A Crebbin
Special Educational Unit Mrs A Teare

Support Staff

Mrs A Crellin Miss M Butterworth
Miss J Parkinson Mrs L Leece
Miss A Caroon Mrs S Gilbert
Mrs S Russell Mrs J Colgan
Mrs J Quirk Mr R Jones
Mrs J Leece Mrs M Shimmin
Mrs H Cretney Mrs A Harmer
Mrs A Crellin Miss M Butterworth
Miss J Parkinson Mrs L Leece
Mrs J Leece Mrs S Gilbert
Miss A Caroon Mrs J Colgan
Mrs S Russell Mr R Jones
Mrs J Quirk Mr M Shimmin

Admin Staff

Mrs J Dunn Mrs S Parslow

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