Peel Clothworkers' School

'Enjoyable Learning for Life'

Our Vision:

At Peel Clothworkers’ school we are committed to providing a positive, safe and stimulating environment where all children feel valued, respected and ready to learn.

As a school we respect everyone as an individual. Our staff are committed to being positive role models, leading by example and encouraging respectful attitudes towards each other, the school community and the wider community.

We understand that learning should be inclusive and accessible to all. We provide our pupils with creative, exciting and practical learning opportunities. We have high expectations and by utilising a range of different learning environments, all children are able to develop a curiosity of learning, discover their interests and move forward on their learning journey.

Our staff are enthusiastic about the learning experiences they are providing and our curriculum enables teachers to provide interactive lessons and enriching learning experiences, using a range of techniques to support all learning styles. Topics covered are relevant, led by children’s interests, real world issues and our local heritage. By instilling a love of learning and embedding a growth mindset, our children welcome challenge, enjoy taking risks and understand that mistakes are an important part of learning.

We are proud of the Isle of Man, our local area and the community within it and as a school we value making links with organisations and individuals. We embrace opportunities to visit local places and to learn outside of the classroom. We actively welcome parents and members of our local community into school to share their interests and experiences to develop our knowledge and skills from experts in different areas.

At Peel Clothworkers’ we value communication. All children are encouraged to voice their opinions and ideas within their own classrooms, allowing them to take ownership and truly direct their own learning journey. We communicate regularly and clearly with parents to ensure they too feel valued and are informed of their children’s learning and events within school.

As a team we strive to improve ourselves professionally and continue on our own learning journeys. We value the importance of sharing good practice between colleagues and providing all staff with opportunities to complete up to date training from a variety of sources both on Island and further afield, this ensures what we are teaching is relevant and meets the needs of all learners.

At Peel Clothworkers’ we support, care for and value all members of our school community; children, staff and parents. We work together to encourage all children to develop a love of learning, achieve their potential and become confident, happy life-long learners.

Our Values :