Peel Clothworkers' School

'Enjoyable Learning for Life'

Our Vision:

At Peel Clothworkers’ school we respect everyone as an individual. We have high expectations to ensure that all have the opportunity to achieve their best.

Learning is carried out through a range of well planned, practical and engaging activities. We make use of both indoor and outdoor environments to provide experiences with a real purpose. All children are challenged by the use of open ended tasks allowing them to direct and manage their own learning. They can identify their strengths and know the next steps in their learning, how they can improve and develop.

A growth mindset is embraced by all children, staff and parents at Peel Clothworkers’ School. We welcome new challenges and believe that mistakes deepen our understanding through rich learning opportunities they provide. To extend our thinking skills we are able to use a wide range of questioning techniques and approaches designed to explore how we reached our answers. Where the need is identified early intervention is provided and highly effective support is put in place for children, staff and parents.

At Peel Clothworkers’ we are a team who collaborate, share ideas and understand the importance of personal well being. We encourage staff well being, as enthused and inspired teachers encourage pupils to feel happier, motivated and more confident. Where practicable, staff remain in the same year groups to allow them to focus on the development of the most effective resources, curriculum and teaching methods.

As part of a bespoke curriculum that promotes the forward thinking ethos of the school we make use of a range of technology. We recognise that technology is a key and growing part of society and that our ICT skills are important to our future success. Skills are taught following specialist staff training and using reliable resources, which together, ensure consistency and progression. These skills are then used in learning across all areas of the curriculum.

At Peel Clothworkers’ school, we value our Manx heritage and culture and we embrace the cultures of others. Throughout the school we maintain a consistent approach to upholding Manx traditions and recognise the importance of celebrating the rich and varied history of the Isle of Man. Whilst encouraging and enjoying Manx traditions we also understand our links to the wider world and value learning about and accepting other opinions and cultures. We are proud of our community and value making links with a wide range of local organisations and people. We learn about our local heritage and environment by frequently visiting and learning outside of the school.

We welcome the contribution that parents, carers and other members of the community make to our school. We encourage parents as visitors to our classrooms to share areas of their interest. We communicate regularly and clearly with parents to ensure that they are informed of both their children’s learning and events within school. We actively seek to ensure that the way we communicate is the most effective.

Peel Clothworkers’ School supports and cares for all children, staff and parents as all are valued members of our school community. We work together to provide relevant, enjoyable and challenging learning experiences.

Our Values :