Peel Clothworkers' School

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Thank you to all took part in the class Food Bank donation competition!

We have raised a total of 855.5kg in food and milk in just 4.5 days! The same weight as a polar bear or a giraffe!

The winning class of our competition was 6L, with a whopping 209.5kg raised. 82kg of that was UHT milk.

The other class totals were: RW 77kg, RR 28kg, 1B 36kg, 1W 46kg, 2GA 43kg, 2J 40kg, 3U 52kg, 3BW 38kg, 3K 43kg, 4AK 40.5kg, 4C 28kg, 4GW 40kg, 5EG 32.5kg, 5EV 48kg, 6C 40.5kg, 6F 14kg.

The Food Bank are collecting our donations on this week, so they will be able to distribute them over the holidays to the families and people in need. ALL your donations, no matter how small, are greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Happy Christmas!